Mayors in Texas Asking Governor to Allow Mandate of Face Masks in Public

Texas mayors ask Gov. Abbott for authority to enforce use of face coverings

The mayors of the cities of Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Plano and Grand Prairie in Texas have written a letter to Governor Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas. They are asking for the Governor to allow them to mandate public face masks.

What would this mean? If Governor Abbott allows the mayors of these cities to do this, then it will be necessary to wear a face mask if you are in public in one of those cities. Here is the text of the letter sent to Governor Greg Abbott:

June 16, 2020
The Honorable Greg Abbott
Governor of Texas
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711

Dear Governor Abbott,
Thank you for your leadership during these challenging times. Our cities benefited immensely from a coordinated, cooperative effort with each other in the early stages of our fight against COVID-19. With the increase in testing, we are naturally seeing more people being diagnosed with COVID-19, and some areas are seeing confirmed cases increasing more rapidly than testing. While it’s important to get our economy working again, we must also take precautions to avoid a massive influx of new cases overwhelming our hospitals.

That’s why we are writing to you today about one of the best ways to keep businesses open and people safe from COVID-19: the wearing of face masks. This one step could prove to be the most effective way to prevent the transmission of this disease. Yet many people in many of our cities are still refusing to wear these face coverings even though these coverings are scientifically proven to help prevent the disease from spreading. We are writing to you for the authority to set rules and regulations on the use of face coverings in each of our cities.

A one-size-fits-all approach is not the best option. We should trust local officials to make informed choices about health policy. And if mayors are given the opportunity to require face coverings, we believe our cities will be ready to help reduce the spread of this disease. We think you would agree that a healthy economy starts with healthy people. If you do not have plans to mandate face coverings statewide, we ask that you restore the ability for local authorities to enforce the wearing of face coverings in public venues where physical distancing cannot be practiced.We appreciate your consideration in allowing for a more nuanced and tailored recovery so that our cities, state, and nation can heal as quickly as possible.


Sylvester Turner, Mayor
City of Houston

Ron Nirenberg, Mayor
City of San Antonio

Steve Adler, Mayor
City of Austin

Eric Johnson, Mayor
City of Dallas

Betsy Price, Mayor
City of Fort Worth

Dee Margo, Mayor
City of El Paso

Jeff Williams, Mayor
City of Arlington

Harry LaRosiliere, Mayor
City of Plano

Ron Jensen, Mayor
City of Grand Prairie

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